Over 45 yrs. caring for your pets!



*FOR the LOVE of DOGS*

Parkview Kennel is a family owned full service boarding, training and pet sitting facility located in South Park, Pa.   With over 45 yrs of experience we care for your pet as if they were our own. We offer a variety of services customized to meet your special needs.  Parkview Kennel takes a maximum of 50 canines and 10 felines.  Each pet has their own individual indoor pen ranging from 9 square ft. to 50 square ft. We offer individual outdoor exercise to all pets visiting Parkview Kennel 3x perday. The outdoor individual  runs are 60 square ft; covered and lit up for night-time exercise. We also have 1/2 acre grass area for pets to play and relax in.  Our gravel exercise areas are 400 square ft.  We do charge an additional fee for outdoor offleash playtime.  Be sure to get your pet bathed and groomed prior to pick up, and your family, both 2 legged and 4 legged, can rest when you get home.  Parkview Kennel cares for special needs pets and senior canines on medication or insulin. We do accept intact pets and difficult canines as well.  We require a trial stay for special needs pets and difficult dogs. Our kennel is heated and air conditioned with a hepa filtration system to clean the air constanly.  We are accustomed to picky pets and our solution is that the owner supply their pet's food and we will feed according to the owners specifications.  We carry a variety of food, snacks, and treats for your pet, including chicken and rice or beef and rice. Parkview Kennel offers in home pet sitting, pet walks, and pet training.  Our Canine Companions will visit your pet in your home 2x to 4x a day for 30 minutes.  Canine Companions will feed, water, walk, train  and play with your special pet(s).  We also do overnight stays for the home alone pet(s).  We  pick up mail, water plants, turn on and off lights as well as pick up behind your pet.  Parkview Kennel will also transport your pet to the closest park for an outdoor excursion. weather permitting.  This is a 90 minute outing with your pet.  Work long hours?  Not enough time for your best friend?  Have Parkview Kennel Canine Companion visit your pet daily or weekly for walks, training, playing or just companionship. Pick up and Delivery is available for all clients.  Parkview Kennel is Insured and licensed by the State Agricultural Department


  1. Parkview Kennel offers Senior Citizen Discounts
  2. Multiple Pet Discounts
  3. Monthly Discounts
  4. Holiday Discounts
  5. VIP (very important pets) discounts


  1.  TOY                    $20.00
  2.  SMALL               $22.00
  3.  MEDIUM            $24.00
  4.  LARGE               $26.00
  5.  X-LARGE           $28.00
  6.  GIANT                $30.00

A minimal fee may be added to your pets daily rate if he or she is a special needs pet.  Aggressive and Difficult dogs may also incur this fee.  Please inquire when reserving your dates.



Board & Train Basic Obedience:

 5-Days:   $285.00

 7-Days:   $385.00

12-Days:  $625.00

 21-Days: $1,025.00

More programs available, please inquire.  All programs include board, collar, leash, consultation & follow up training.

Multiple pet discounts


Personalized training program for your pet.  Customized to meet families specific needs. Basic obedience, problem solving, in home and public behavioral training.  Children over 5yrs. old and the novice are welcome to participate.  

Maximum 15 mile radius

 $85.00 -  90 min. 1 session 

$160.00 - 90 min. per session (2)

$315.00 - 90 min. per session (4)

$595.00 - 90 min. per session (8)


Not comfortable boarding your pet? We understand.  Parkview Kennel will do in home pet sitting for all your pets. Pet visits 2x to 4x daily. Overnight stays are availabe from 11pm to 6am.  Multiple day discounts available.

$21.00 - 60 min.

$18.00 - 45 min.

$15.00 - 30 min.

$12.00 - 15 min.

$75.00 - 7 hours

Each Additional Pet:  + $6.00


Companionship for your special pet(s).  We offer daily or weekly exercise for the 4 legged active member of your house.  Senior dogs are welcomed and of course puppies.  Please inquire about our Puppy Training Program.

$21.00 - 60 min.

$18.00 - 45 min.

$15.00 - 30 min.

$12.00 - 15 min.

Each Additional Pet:  + $6.00


Need transportation for your pet(s)?  Parkview Kennel will transport your pet(s) at your convenience.  Transportation to and from the Veterinarian Office and other pet destinations are available upon request.  Appointment required. Additional fee for multiple pets.

30 miles     $45.00

24 miles     $40.00

18 miles     $35.00

12 miles     $30.00

Airport Service from:  $65.00 


 Cats at Parkview Kennel have their own private area with window views and individual crates for each pet.  Cats exercise in their private quarters 2x per day for 30 minutes.  We supply large litter boxes, litter, beds, bowls and dry food 24/7 unless otherwise specified by owner.  Cat tree and toys available.  Multiple cat discounts. All vaccinnes are required and pets must be spayed or nuetered.

$16.00 - per cat

10% off 2nd cat

15% off 3rd cat



Question:  What will you do if my pet(s) doesn't eat while visiting Parkview Kennel?

Answer:  Parkview Kennel Canine Companions care for your pet(s) and carefully monitor your pet(s) intake of food and water. We carry Lamb Rolls, Frozen Dog Food, can and we always have chcken and beef mixed with rice.  We will follow your instructions, cook for your pet, or heat up food from home when specified.  We will add special food to your pets diet to entice them to eat.  Occasionally we need to cook for your pet and will use liver and chicken.

Question:  What does the kennel do if my pet(s) get a loose stool?

Answer:  This is common when your pet(s) is away from home and a loose stoole  will typically occurr the first 24hrs.  We immediately take your pets temperture and check for dehydration and monitor your pet for the next several bowel movements.  We also contact your emergency name and Veterinian Hospital so they are aware of your pets condition.

Question:  What will you do to help my pet(s) if he/she gets sad, lonely or anxious while visiting at your kennel?  

Answer:  Great Question!  Pet(s) do miss their humans.  We recommend you make a few choices from our pet menu to help your pet follow into the routine quicker. Pet(s) eat and sleep better when they excercised properly and  are on a good diet.  Individual time with our Canine Companions is a huge seller!

Question:  How long do I have to wait for a call back or return email?

Answer:  Thank you for your question. Mon. thru Saturday calls and emails are returned within 24hrs between 1pm and 3pm and again from 8pm to 10pm


Please be sure to bring a copy of your Pet(s) up dated shot records for verification.  If you do not have a copy, we will make one for you.  Thank You

Please make reservations at least two (2) weeks prior to boarding.  Three (3) weeks is recommeded for in home pet sitting.

Parkview Kennel does their very best in returning your call or responding to your email.  Please be patient we will return you message withing 24 hours.

Be sure to allow yourself and ample amount of time when you check in. Normal check in time is about 15 minutes for repeat clients and 25 to 30 minutes for new clients

Parkview Kennel website includes pet information as well as owner information.  In order to expedite your check in time please have your paper work filled out.

Your emergency names and numbers must be aware of your pets visit at Parkview Kennel  It is very helpful that this person know your pets behavior and personality.  Thank You

Senior Pet(s) and Pets with special needs may want to contact their vet and let them know your Pet is visiting at Parkview Kennel, in case we need to contact  them with any questions about your Pet.

(412) 655-9441


Please be sure to provide your pets food while visiting at Parkview Kennel.  Each Pet has their own plastic container which holds their food, treats, and toys.

Parkview Kennel supplies all stainless steel bowls and buckets for your pet.  Please do not bring any dishes from home.

Parkview Kennels offers bedding to all pets.  Owners are more than welcome to bring bedding from home, however all bedding and toys must be disposable.

Please be sure to take your pet(s) leash. chain collar and harness with you.  We would appreciate all pet(s) wear a Buckle Collar with identification attached.

Canine Companions use dry measuring cups to feed your pet(s).  If you use a scoop or something different, please supply it or measure your pets food prior to drop off


Please download, print, and complete our Owner and Pet Documents. This is  designed so all Canine Counselors and Companions at Parkview Kennel will get to know your pet(s) and all of their special needs.  Thank for choosing Parkview Kennel.


*FOR the LOVE of DOGS*

Appointments are available to view  our kennel.  Please bring your pet, we would love to have a meet & greet!

Shot records required for kennel visit


2180 Ridge Rd, South Park Township, PA, USA

(412) 655-9441



11am -2pm 

5pm - 7pm


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